County 01/22/2023

Exploring lincoln county

Named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA, Lincoln Area is known as ‘America’s Home on the Variety. It has a level surface considering that it is located at the high levels of Colorado Piedmont. * Lincoln Cinema – loosen up and view a film in Lincoln County. * Kinney Lake – delight in the wildlife in Kinney Lake, a 320 acre wildlife area. Take a peek at history in Lincoln County’s background abundant museums, parks and railroads such as the:
* Limon Heritage Museum and also Railroad Park – the gallery is commonly referred to as “a trip to a town’s past. * Windmill Energy Generation Fields – appreciate the impressive website at the Wind Power Generation Viewpoint. * Union Pacific Roundhouse – the only enduring block roundhouse, as well as the only one related to the Union Pacific Railroad, it is just one of the most substantial historical sites in Colorado. * Lincoln Area’s Hedlund Residence Gallery – donated by the Hedlund family members to the community of Hugo. * Arriba Museum – loaded with regional background, it was initially situated at Lincoln Opportunity and also now occupies one room at the Arriba Town Hall. For an enjoyable trip as well as a fascinating glance of the past, browse through Lincoln Region.

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