Professor 11/19/2023

Herge creator of tintin presents professor calculus – the deaf inventor

Known as Profesor Tryphon Tournesol (significance: Sunflower) in French his personality was hard of hearing which resulted in much amusement as he misunderstood conversations. Professor Calculus has a humanic side and tries to profit the globe with inventions such as a remedy for alcohlism that makes alcohol taste dreadful to the individual. The Professor does have one weakenss it is if anybody (specifically Haddock) calls him a goat. It is unsubstantiated yet Calculus occasionly comments that he was a great sportsman in his youth, with an extremely athletic way of life. Calculus very first appears in Red Rackham’s Treasure and borught an end to a lengthy search for a mad teacher type which had actually led to the production of previos personality such as Dr. The personality was influenced by the popular inventor of the bathyscaphe, Professor Auguste Piccard.

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